Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lord-Lieutenant?
The Lord-Lieutenant is Her Majesty The Queen’s representative in the County. It is an honorary, unpaid appointment.

What does the Lord-Lieutenant do?
The Lord-Lieutenant’s primary duty is to uphold the dignity of the Crown and promote a spirit of co-operation and accord across all different kinds of organisations and groups throughout the County.

What are the responsibilities of the Lord-Lieutenant?
Arranging Royal Visits and escorting members of the Royal Family; Presenting certain medals and awards on behalf of the Sovereign; Advising on Honours Nominations; Participating in civic, voluntary and social activities; Acting as Liaison with local Regular, Volunteer and Cadet Forces; Chairing the Advisory Committee that appoints magistrates in the County. More…

Who is the Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire?
Mrs Julie Spence OBE QPM

Who appoints the Lord-Lieutenant?
Her Majesty The Queen, on advice from the Cabinet Office with recommendations from the Clerk to the Privy Council. The appointment is normally until aged 75.

Does anyone help the Lord-Lieutenant?
The Lord-Lieutenant appoints a number of Deputy Lieutenants and from among them a Vice Lord-Lieutenant, who may also represent Her Majesty The Queen on the Lord-Lieutenant’s behalf. There is a formal Clerk to the Lieutenancy and also Lieutenancy Officers who provide administrative support. More…

How do I request a Royal Visit to my organisation?
Any organisation can request a Royal Visit.  Do be aware that the planning for a Royal Visit usually starts at least six months in advance, and that the number of requests far exceeds what is possible.  Royal Visits should be requested through the Lord-Lieutenant. More…

How do I request a visit by the Lord-Lieutenant to my organisation?
The Lord-Lieutenant is able to formally represent Her Majesty The Queen at a range of events and such as Openings, Unveilings, Presentations, Awards, Launches, Commemorations, Funeral and Memorial Services. If the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to attend personally, the Lieutenancy may be able to send a Deputy Lieutenant. More…

How do I request a message from Her Majesty The Queen?
Requests for personal message from Her Majesty The Queen can be made through the Lord-Lieutenant. Good wishes for significant events such as hundredth birthdays and beyond, Diamond Wedding Anniversaries and beyond should be made well in advance. More…

How do I nominate someone for an Honour?
Nominating someone for an Honour is simpler than you might think. More…