Mr Jonathan Spence DL

Jonathan Spence has been a Fellow and the Senior Bursar of Queens’ College, Cambridge since 2006 and is responsible for the financial well-being of the College. He currently serves on the University of Cambridge Finance Committee.

A Banker by profession, he has nearly forty years banking experience covering all aspects of risk and corporate governance within a regulated financial services environment. Prior to moving to Cambridge, he worked in a merchant bank in the City of London and retired as its Chief Executive in 2006. He was a director of the Cambridge Building Society from 2006 until 2021, and served as its chairman from 2014 until he retired from the Board, where he strongly encouraged and supported initiatives in support of the local community.

Jonathan is a Lieutenant-Colonel in The Staff Corps, Corps of Royal Engineers, Army Reserves and is currently an advisor to the Master-General of Logistics. He is a member of the Court of the Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers and has served on the Parochial Church Council of St Mary’s & Michael’s Church, Trumpington.