Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2019

Luminance Technologies

On 18th September 2019, the Lord-Lieutenant presented Luminance Technologies with their Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation.

The Cambridge based company identified a need to improve efficiency within the legal profession. Their unique artificial intelligence platform takes a holistic approach to understanding documents, enabling lawyers to see the big picture and identify specific issues that need addressing.

The Luminance platform automatically analyses uploaded data, finds interesting correlations, patterns and anomalies, then presents the data in an intuitive dashboard. The system is cloud-based, requires no set-up and can be operated by users with minimal training.


On September 17th 2019, the Lord-Lieutenant presented Speechmatics with their Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation.

The company uses AI and machine learning to provide automatic speech recognition technology, enabling the swift transcription of speech-to-text in longform. The internal framework recognises patterns within and across languages and applying them to new language builds, offering and has the potential to adapt for any language in the world in a matter of days

The system is particularly valuable to enterprise business markets such as contact centre and compliance and this differentiates it from its competitors. To date, the framework has learned 75 languages, including Japanese, Hindi, Russian and Korean.


On 17th September 2019, the Lord-Lieutenant presented BioStrata with their Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

Established in 2014, BioStrata is a specialist marketing agency which connects companies in the life science sector with customers, to assist in the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, techniques and services that drive scientific
discovery and impact the world around us.

Headquartered in the science hub of Cambridge, the BioStrata team, which spans North America and Europe, includes former industry scientists, commercial professionals and PhD graduates.

Data Conversion Systems

On September 10th 2019, the Lord-Lieutentent presented Data Conversion Systems with their Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation.

Data Conversion Systems are manufacturers of high end audio equipment and have developed an innovative high performance digital music playback system called Vivaldi. In creating Vivaldi the company has developed proprietary technology, including network streaming technology and a digital to analogue converter which enables listeners to access both standard and high resolution music from any digital source.


Meteor Inkjet

On 15th August 2019, the Lord-Lieutenant presented Meteor Inkjet with their Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

Meteor Inkjet has been supplying industrial printhead drive electronics and software under the Meteor brand since 2006, first as a part of TTP Group, and from 2015, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Graphics PLC. Based in Cambridge the company designs the electronics that drive printheads used in industrial applications such as printing on ceramics and textiles.

Meteor is quite possibly the world’s leading independent supplier of these products. Almost its entire business is overseas with sales having grown significantly over the period.


On 14th August 2019, the Lord-Lieutenant presented Doodlehouses with their Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

Doodlehouses, trading as ChickenGuard, started just outside Cambridge in 2010, and designs and manufactures automatic chicken coop door openers and self-locking door kits. The focus is on affluent markets with a high proportion of chicken owners and good market size. Western Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Australasia are key to growth plans. Each market has a main distributor with a network of other trade partners, providing sales and
specialist after sales support.

Costello Medical Consulting

On 9th August 2019, the Lord-Lieutenant presented Costello Medical Consulting with their Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

Established in 2008, the Cambridge based company provides scientific support to the healthcare sector in the analysis, interpretation and communication of clinical and health economic data. Their clients include many top 20 pharmaceutical and MedTech companies, as well as other healthcare organisations such as Public Health England.


On 16th July 2019, the Lord-Lieutenant presented SciBite with their Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

The company is a software provider of disruptive semantic technologies to the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. With the rapid growth and understanding of the value of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, the critical first stage in any successful digital strategy is providing clean, well described data that a machine will understand.

SciBite’s technology enables clients to turn previously unusable but scientifically relevant text into machine-readable data. This approach provides significant additive value to many divisions in science-based businesses from discovery through to development.